Breaking the Ice: Starting 2018 with a Recap of Icicle’s New Features

As we start 2018 off with a bang, we thought we’d invite you to scroll down to discover – and rediscover – how Icicle has grown in the past year. Many of our new features emerge from the creativity and engagement of our user base. Icicle is unique in that we take in requests for features and, if we determine that they will benefit our users as a group, we go ahead and develop it free of charge. As a result, Icicle users get to see our application grow, reap the benefits, and build a true community based in a commitment to technological innovation, excellence, and global food safety.

Our summary of 2017 begins with the most recent new features announcements from just last month…

1) Inventory Enhancements

With the introduction of enhanced inventory locations, racking, and picking in the last months of 2017, Icicle now allows you to manage your inventory with unprecedented precision. These new features cut down on your work, streamline warehouse activities, and actively help you maximize shelf life of your products and reduce waste. We also launched a new inventory transactions interface to track inventory flow for recalls, audits, or other financial analytics.

2) Laboratory Management

Just the beginning of Icicle’s laboratory capabilities, from September you can now conduct your own lab tests (and create templates) within the Icicle system. We also made it easier for you to configure parts of Icicle according to your (company or regulatory) specifications, such as adjustable labels and BRC headers. Finally, we radically increased our abilities for custom integrations with other applications with enhanced logic apps.

3) Production Forecasting

In July, we introduced three new interfaces to Icicle: production forecasting, production runs, and production statuses. These new interfaces allow users to easily identify lags in production and correct them. We also announced the new Global Inventory View and Meetings Interface. The latter helps you comply with GFSI and Occupational Health & Safety regulations that require you to keep track of your meetings. Icicle makes this easy.

4) Maintenance Management

In the spring, we introduced a slew of new features to help you manage your maintenance work and Occupational Health & Safety standards. Icicle’s Maintenance Management infrastructure is designed to streamline repairs and maintenance work through automation – leaving less work for you. The introduction of Work Orders (the ability to create maintenance tasks), Skill Definitions (the ability to assign tasks to qualified personnel), and Work Requests all contribute to this overall goal. Taking things to the next level, you can also monitor equipment operational statuses with Icicle to decrease downtime and maximize productivity in your facility.

5) Mass Balance Calculations

This feature — Mass Balance Calculations — conducts a complex calculation that tells you which items (and which precursor products!) could be affected by a recall, which reduces the need to issue recalls “out of an abundance of caution” because all of your product is accounted for at all times. Icicle can complete Mass Balance Calculations in under two minutes. In January, we also introduced First Aid Reports (that was the first of our Occupational Health & Safety features) and User Teams, which enhances Icicle’s task management function.


Kick off 2018 by improving your facility’s production efficiency, safety, and productivity with Icicle. If you have a question about how you can use Icicle to its full capabilities, or a suggestion for more new features, don’t hesitate to get in touch. And if you haven’t yet joined the Icicle community, request a free demo today!

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