New Features: Laboratory Management, Custom Integrations

In the last few months, we’ve radically extended our laboratory management capabilities (more on this to come) as well as introducing robust new features for third-party, custom integrations with Icicle. There are a bunch of fun odds and ends as well, each designed to make the work of Icicle users easier and more efficient.

Laboratory Management

When was it released? August 8 2017

What does it do? Lab tests and templates are part of a series of laboratory management features introduced to Icicle. Previously, you could already record test results against products in terms of quality or processes, but you didn’t have the ability to conduct a lab test (most commonly swab testing to look for pathogenic bacteria) in the more sophisticated format of a lab management system.

With the launch of this laboratory management, you can create a template with specifications for what should be measured, acceptable levels for those tests, and also identify test locations. Facilities can be defined in terms of risk zones, as with any ATP testing. Once the template is created, a new test will be pre-populated with all the necessary information to know exactly where samples should be taken. Details about the sampling process can be recorded and everything is tracked with barcodes and scanners right through the final test results. As an additional benefit, standardizing testing in this way enables powerful trending capabilities that are coming soon.

Where did this idea come from? Thanks to Minty Gadhok from GFS Consultancy Limited for this one.

Options for Configuration

BRC Headers

When was it released? August 9 2017

What does this feature do? Procedures must have headers so, when we built Icicle we picked a standard header used commonly in the industry. However, the British Retail Consortium or BRC (one of the GFSI certification schemes), requires a specified header format which is now supported by Icicle.

Where did this idea come from? Maria from Golden Edibles requested this one!

Automatic Best-Before Date Calculations

When was it released? August 22 2017

What does this feature do? We added the ability to define a number of days of shelf-life in Icicle. Now the system will automatically calculate best-before dates based on the defined shelf-life days. We’ve also enhanced case labels to reflect that automatically include the calculated shelf-life is an option.

Where did this idea come from? Thanks to Steve from Sobey’s!

Meeting Report Exporting

When was it released? September 24 2017

What does this feature do? As an improvement to our new meetings interface, Icicle now allows users to export a PDF of meeting reports to meet Occupational Health and Safety standards.

Where did this idea come from? Heidi from Fraser Valley Speciality Poultry made this great suggestion!

Scan Sheet Generation

When was it released? November 1 2017

What does this feature do? Previously, you could generate a list of ingredients with a barcode for each ingredient in a table. These sheets could be laminatinated and left on the shipping/receiving table that your workers could scan the sheet instead of hunting for the barcode on the actual ingredient. This feature is now also available for products, packaging, materials, and parts.

Where did this idea come from? This one was just a thought from our end!

Adjustable Labels

When was it released? November 8 2017

What does this feature do? Adjustable labels allow companies to determine the width and height of shipping and case labels (pallet labels) and choose what information makes it onto the label itself. This improves upon the previous one-size label that was automatically populated. Now you can pick and choose the size and orientation of labels and what goes on them!

Where did this idea come from? Thanks to Chris from Ontario Pride Eggs!

Enhanced Ability for Custom Integrations

When was it released? October 11 2017

What does this feature do? Where once there was only one flavour of Icicle, we can now customize the system to support enhanced logic apps, which provides the ability to integrate Icicle with virtually any third-party component without compromising the integrity and security of your network. You can set permissions to allow Icicle to access data from other systems used by your organization – and this isn’t a one-way street. True integration (in particular IoT integration) means that data can be pushed and pulled in both directions so that your records are always updated in real-time and advanced features are enabled. Enhanced logic apps allows us to do this for you.

Where did this idea come from? Enhanced logic apps is the result of an extended collaboration with Ontario Pride Eggs. Thanks to Chris for helping us out with this one!


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