What Icicle Offers – Food Production Management

Icicle is an innovative technology that leads the market with its time saving capabilities, user-friendly interfaces, and its ability to be used across multiple facilities. Core functions include:

Vendor Management

Makes it easy to manage vendor certifications for both food safety 3rd-party certifications such as Organic, Kosher, etc.

Quality Control

Keeps your customers happy by ensuring the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Advanced Food Safety

The easiest way to create and maintain food safety programs to ensure you avoid recalls.

Enhanced Traceability

Demonstrating traceability compliance becomes as easy as clicking a button.

Audit Management

Be ready for unannounced audits all the time with everything together in one, easy to access, place.

Regulatory Compliance

Linking your entire program directly against prerequisite programs to simplify compliance.

Icicle keeps you in control

Start using an advanced food production solution today.

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We set it up for you

The Icicle team is committed to giving you guided support every step of the way.

Food Safety Consultation

We provide customized consulting services as required to assist you with any needs you may have at the time as well as continuous ongoing support.

Product Training

Whether you are onsite or online, we provide you with basic training and system administrator training. You’ll always have access to Icicle’s 24/7 customer service line.

Set-Up & Data Transcription

We set you up with an Icicle account and upload your existing documentation, including HACCP plans and procedure, into the system.

Procedure Writing

To help your company with the procedure writing process, our consultants review your existing documents and provide training on how to write procedures correctly.

Site Assessments

We send out food safety consultants to review your facility and assess your current program, as well as any gaps that exist in your employee training.

GFSI Certification

We help you complete your GFSI application, provide you with a gap analysis prior to submitting, and help you resolve any issues that arise from the pre-certification inspection.


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